New Spicy Chicken McBites Bring the Heat to San Diego County McDonald’s

San Diego County McDonald’s have turned the heat up a notch with new Spicy Chicken McBites* – bite-size pieces of juicy, premium chicken breast coated in a flavorful blend of garlic, onion, salt and a variety of peppers.

Flavor seekers will love the new seasoning, which creates a heat that builds with every bite. With Spicy Chicken McBites available in three sizes – Snack (3 oz.), Regular (5 oz.) and Shareable (10 oz.) – there’s just enough spice for any occasion.

Balance out the intense taste of Spicy Chicken McBites with a cool McCafé Frozen Strawberry Lemonade or McCafé Cherry Berry Chiller – both are summertime favorites at San Diego County McDonald’s.

*Limited time only. Participation varies.