Ronald McDonald®

Educational School And Library Assemblies

America’s most lovable clown, Ronald McDonald, comes to San Diego all the time to visit his many friends, and he brings good times and fun for all! McDonald’s restaurants of San Diego County are proud to sponsor and donate hundreds of shows each year to elementary schools, libraries, and community events.

Through interactive skits, music and of course plenty of laughter, Ronald McDonald teaches valuable educational messages to children on topics such as character building, volunteering, reading and more.

If you are interested in scheduling a school assembly with Ronald McDonald, please submit the assembly request form via fax, mail or email. An informational letter regarding the assembly program is also available to provide to your school administrator and/or PTA organization. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ronald McDonald’s program director at

Ronald McDonald’s Assemblies:

On the Inside: The Importance of Good Character!
Students learn that it is their character, what’s “on the inside,” that really matters! Ronald explains the importance of being trustworthy, responsible, respectful and fair to others, and how those traits help us build strong character! Written in collaboration with top character experts and educators, this assembly strongly supports many schools’ existing character education programs.

Giving Back with Ronald McDonald!
Students are inspired to give back to their community and see the enjoyment that comes from volunteering. Ronald helps kids learn about the importance of empathy, mentoring, and how sharing their time, talents, and gifts can help others. The show has been endorsed by Dr. Michele Borba, an internationally renowned parenting and child behavioral expert, author and educator.

It’s Book Time with Ronald McDonald!
This show is currently available for the upcoming library tour during the summer of 2013. Ronald shares his excitement for reading and introduces many good “friends” – books! The show introduces kids to the concept of “book time,” the time we set aside each day to read. In addition, the show reinforces appropriate library use, the proper care of books, and the use of excitement and imagination while reading. Ronald teaches children that reading is fun and book time is an important part of the day.